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Our in-house projects are concentrated around IoT sensing systems. We have designed, constructed and programmed several different weather stations. One of them is up on the roof of our house and it is called the Swallow, the second one is hanging outside the window and it is called the Bee. Both of them are ambient sensor platforms.

The Swallow is our first connected amateur weather station. It consists of a bunch of different sensors to measure temperature, humidity, air pressure, wind speed, light and even ionizing radiation.

The Bee is a universal platform for designing IoT wireless sensor networks. It consists of two devices: a data acquisition autonomous wireless sensor node without external power supply and a receiver board for interacting with sensor nodes and PC or gateway connection.

Both, the Swallow and the Bee, are connected to the server in order to collect data and visualize it. Click on the image with intresting platform to have a look at data visualizations!

Swallow weather station picture
Bee weather station picture



Hi! We are Dima and Anastasiia - a family which is highly interested in everything related to IT. We complement each other perfectly: one of us is a hardware engineer, the other is a software specialist. Guess who is who=)

We have been working for Electronics Department at Third Pin LLC  for 5 years. We have got a lot of experience, completed many different projects, from funny LED blinkers and homemade "just for fun" devices to huge commercial projects such as navy control panels and telemetry systems. We don't take this job as a job only, it is also a hobby for us.


Feel free to contact us!